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ne parlavo con traffic
qui c'è tutto per le nostre carrioline
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Piu' precisamente qui:

E tutte le <b>FAQ</b> (con i link relativi) qui:

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif" id=quote>RIFERIMENTO:<hr noshade size="1">Table of Contents
1. Parts, Installation Templates, Common Problems, and Mechanic’s Tips
2. Vehicle Security, Storage, and Purchase
3. Vehicle Specifications and Maintenance
4. I Just Bought a Civic! How Do I Make It Faster?
5. Engine
a. General Information
b. Ground Wire Locations
c. Removal
d. Diagnostics and Treatments
e. Tune Up and Lubrication
f. Oil Leaks - Seals, Gasket, O-ring
g. Ignition System/Distributor
h. Timing Belt and Valve Train
i. Cooling System
j. Header and Exhaust
k. Fuel System
l. Air Intake and Idle Control
m. Emissions
6. Engine Mods, Swaps, Builds, Tuning, and Appearance
a. Mini-me
b. Forced Induction
c. Swaps
d. Builds
e. Tuning
f. Appearance
7. Manual Transmission
a. Fluid
b. Removal and Disassembly
c. Swaps
d. Gear Ratios
e. Clutch
f. Shifter
8. Automatic Transmission
9. Axle
10. Suspension and Steering Rack
a. General Suspension
b. Ball Joint and Wheel Bearing
c. Strut and Spring
d. Front/Rear Sway Bar, Traction Bar, End Link, Trailing Arm
e. Steering Rack, Tie Rod, Tie Brace
11. Steering Wheel and Horn
12. Wheels and Tires
13. Brakes
a. General
b. ABS
c. Conversions
14. Interior
a. General
b. Leak
c. Trunk
d. Seats
e. Dashboard
f. Door Panel and Window Regulator
15. Exterior
a. Paint
b. Body
c. Hood
d. Doors, Windows, Mirrors
16. Climate Control
a. Blower
b. Heater
c. Air Conditioning
17. Electrical
a. General and Common Problem Troubleshooting
b. Charging System
c. Starting System
d. Ignition switch and button
e. ECU
f. Sensors
g. Cluster, Gauges, and Dash Lighting
h. Power Windows, Power Locks/Keyless, Security System, and Power Mirrors
i. Wipers, Combination/Wiper Switch, Dome Light, and Chime
j. Exterior Lights
k. Cruise Control
l. SRS
18. Track Times
19. Other FAQs
20. Notes To Contributors
21. Links To Other Websites </font id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote>